I'm happy to announce that I'm starting a blog. I'll be posting regularly. let's interact there
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Hi! I'm Bhanu Sharma

ORNG Enterprises

April 27

[email protected] itsbhanusharma itsbhanusharma itsbhanusharma

About me

My very first experience with software programming was in my Senior Secondary days, I had Informatics Practices (IP) as my 5th Subject, I'm a commerce person, I ended up as an entrepreneurial programmer Just because of that basic exposure to Java IDE (NetBeans) and MySQL. I found my interest in Coding and from there, Into PHP, HTML, NodeJS etc. These days, I deploy containerized projects in Docker. I'm paranoid of privacy intrusion so I host my own communication suite and prefer encrypted communication wherever and whenever possible. Let's talk in morse code ;) Read More...

My Passion


Role: Undefined
Youthopedia has been my long-awaited project that is finally about to materialize this spring. Project is being Lead by the very talented Bandana Saikia. Know more at Youthopedia

ORNG Enterprises

Role: Founder
I Started ORNG to fuel my passion for Programming & Business. I aim to make it stand out of the crowd. to Know more, Visit ORNG


Role: Web Design lead
Essence was a Motion Graphics design team.

TimePass Radio Network

Role: Founder
TimePass Radio was started in 2013 as an indie online radio platform dedicated to DJs and Music Producers.

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